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Catch the Legends of the Deep: Embark on our thrilling bluefin charter, braving the open ocean to battle the mighty bluefin tuna. Alternatively, explore the captivating island waters near Catalina Island on our island charter, where yellowtail and white seabass await your angling prowess. Choose your adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Chase the legends: Join our bluefin charter for an unforgettable fishi...
    12 hr
    5,300 US dollars
  • "Catalina Island Bound: Chase yellowtail and white seabass on our epic...
    12 hr
    3,800 US dollars
  • "Catalina Island Bound: Rock fish and Chase yellowtail and white seab...
    12 hr
    3,200 US dollars
  • 3 Day package save $1500
    1 hr
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